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Maintenance and Care Tips..


Perennials are distinct from annuals as they return year after year eliminating the need to buy new flowers each spring. Perennials generally bloom once, or at most, two seasons per year. There are Spring bloomers, Summer bloomers or fall bloomers.  When not in bloom perennials are enjoyed for their foliage, which as important a consideration as the bloom. 

Perennials may grow and expand each year, eventually taking up much more space than you might expect. In order to keep them in control and growing well many will need division (digging up root clumps, dividing into sections and replanting the best sections in freshened soil). 

​Many perennials fall into the following shape categories; but you should expect to see variations as seasons progress.

MATS:Bugleweed, lamium, and plumbago form carpets suitable for ground covers.

MOUNDS:Coreopsis and hostas provide a soft and nicely rounded look. 

FLOWER SPRAYS WITH LOW FOLIAGE:Sea thrift, yarrow and coral bells produce taller flowers over neat low foliage. 

VASE SHAPES:Shasta daisies and garden phlox  grow in an inverted triangular shape. 

SPIKES: Salvias, lupines, delphiniums and gayfeathers have slim vertical flowering stems that contrast well with more horizontal forms. 

Well planted perennials will be a joy for many years. Let us help you make the choices to create the garden you dreamed of.