Cutters Lawn and Landscape Satisfaction Guarantee

Excellent service is the essence of our business success. We value each of our clients and realize that satisfaction is crucial to earning future business and referrals. 

Plants are living and require maintenance and care to varying degrees. Once we complete the installation of your new landscape you will have the responsibility for the health and maintenance of plants. If you wish to keep your landscape looking its best but do not have the time or knowledge to devote to plant care, please consider one of our maintenance programs. Our maintenance packages can be custom designed to suit individual preferences and needs.

Equally as important, please notify us immediately if symptoms of plant decline such as wilting, needle drop, discoloration, or woody stems occur. This allows us to quickly address possible reasons for the plants  distress and provide a timely resolution.


​We warranty our plants to be true to name and size based on industry standards. We pride ourselves in using only the freshest materials with tolerances suitable to our market area. If a requested plant does not have a suitable tolerance rating we will inform our you and recommend a substitution, otherwise, that  particular plant will be excluded from the warranty in writing. On occasion, plants will not survive the transplantation process. We will gladly replace at no additional charge.  Replacement plants will be provided as soon as they become available and as quickly as scheduling permits. 


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